Pixel Gun 3d Hack

Pixel Gun 3D Hack & Game Review: Get Hooked To Your Screens!

Pixel Gun 3D is an engrossing and addictive shooter based online game. In this game, the survival mode is the best way to practice the game as well as earn more in-game currency. Your game character needs to survive numerous attacks while killing several zombies and monsters. However, it is not easy to achieve success in the game, that’s why you may need to use Pixel Gun 3d Hack , or read Pixel Gun 3d Guide below to get some useful tips and tricks.

Pixel Gun 3d Hack

Tips And Tricks To Be Used In Pixel Gun 3D:

  1. The only way to survive in this game is by attacking repeatedly with bombs and guns. Your finger should always be on a gun that is aimed at zombies. Just keep moving in circles and firing on the monsters.
  2. By aiming lower, you will be able to kill crawling monsters. Moreover, it does not matter where you aim and shoot. Whether the bullet hits the monsters head or feet, it will be killed instantly.
  3. Ensure that you keep on moving in the game otherwise you will end up getting trapped by the zombies.
  4. The level of difficulty in the game can affect the amount of Coins earned. When you achieve success on ‘Hard’ level, you earn three Coins, which is the maximum amount that any player can earn. When you beat on Normal level, you will earn two Coins and an Easy level will let you earn one Coin. These tasks can take a lot of time if you want to save up more coins, in this case you can easily fasten the process with Pixel Gun 3d Cheats.
  5. If you are playing the Deathmatch mode, then be careful as by killing yourself you will take away one of your kills. So, make sure that you take cover before killing the enemies.
  6. Attacking players who are already distracted is the best and easiest way to kill them.
  7. An easy way to earn free Coins is by tapping the Free Coins icon and posting your scores on social media sites, however it is impossible to find easier and better method to get coins than using Pixel Gun 3d Hack.



How To Earn Stars:

In order to earn Stars, you need to complete three goals on each level. One Star can be earned by killing all the monsters. Second Star can be earned by killing them quickly and third Star can be earned by killing all zombies without making any damage. The level of difficulty does not affect the Stars that you earn. So, you need not play difficult levels, just pick easy stages and earn more Stars quickly. If you purchase a Shield before completing a level then it will become easier to get the third Star.

Details On Innumerable Weapons:

In the beginning of the game, you will get the below-mentioned free starter weapons for playing:

  1. Simple ShotgunSimple Shotgun: If you want to play close range combat on players with weak armor, then this is the best weapon to use. The amount of damage caused by the gun is low but it has a decent rate of fire and mobility.
  2. Simple Machine Gun: The damage caused by the gun is low but the rate of fire is high. Moreover, its capacity is medium and has an average mobility.
  3. Pixel Gun: The amount of damage caused by Pixel Gun is very low. However, it has an extremely fast reload, average mobility, low capacity, and decent rate of fire.
  4. Combat KnifeCombat Knife: The Combat Knife provides good mobility and low damage. However, it has very fast attack speed and should be used when you need to escape from some dangerous situations.
  5. Sniper RifleSniper Rifle: The 10x scope of the Sniper Rifle can be used as an advantage. It deals above average damage and at a low firing rate. As the weapon cannot kill the enemy with full health instantly, so you should use this weapon only to attack unaware opponents. The Sniper Rifle and Light Wooden Armor will be awarded to you when you finish the simple tutorial provided in the game.
  6. Light Wooden Armor: The Armor is a powerful weapon that can be used for protecting the game character from numerous projectiles. It has various upgrades like the Light Wooden Armor, Medium Wooden Armor, Heavy Wooden Armor, Light/Medium/Heavy Iron Armor, Light/Medium/Heavy Golden Armor, and many more.

How To Acquire The Various Armors!

  1. Iron Armor can be unlocked at Level 7. To acquire the Armor, you need to upgrade the Wooden Armor UP2.
  2. Golden Armor can be unlocked at Level 12 by upgrading Iron Armor UP2.
  3. You can unlock the Crystal Armor at Level 17. For that, you need to upgrade the Golden Armor UP2.
  4. Ruby Armor can be unlocked by reaching Level 22. To get this Armor, you need to upgrade the Crystal Armor.
  5. The Armor that you can unlock at Level 27 is the Adamant Armor. You need to upgrade the Ruby Armor for this powerful weapon.

Once you reach Level 2, you will be able to unlock two weapons for free – Simple Flamethrower and Signal Pistol. Other than the aforesaid weapons, there are hundreds of other arms and ammunitions that you can unlock in the game.

Tips For Using Various Weapons:

  1. Make use of Pixel Gun often as it has good mobility, attack speed, and accuracy.
  2. Use the Machine Gun in close to medium range because its capacity is low.
  3. If you are playing in close range and know how to encounter in such situations, then make use of Combat Knife.
  4. Simple Shotgun takes very long to reload and the damage caused are minimal, so do not make use of it at longer ranges.
  5. While playing in close combat, if you want to make a kill easier then use the Simple Flamethrower’s burning effect. Ensure that you do not use the weapon on those players who already have powerful weapons and skills.
  6. The Signal Pistol has a slow bullet travel time. So, do not make use of it at longer range. Its capacity is also low, so be as accurate as possible. It’s advisable to use it as a rocket-jumping weapon.

Some Of The Important Gadgets To Be Used In Pixel Gun 3D:

  1. Resurrection: It is a support gadget that has a shiny blue handle. There are white angle wings on the top and a golden ring holding the handle to the wings. With this gadget, your game character has to ability to respawn where it had died.
  2. Voodoo Snowman: It is a tool gadget that has three body parts – head, upper part and lower part of the body. It cannot receive headshots, so you should make use of a Flamethrower such as Gas Launcher for causing mass damage.
  3. Clockwork Nutcraker: It is a tool gadget that can only target the nearest enemy. As soon as you use the gadget, the enemy will blow up. Thus, it is a great missile gadget, which can be used perfectly on places with multiple players.
  4. Stealth Bracelet: It is a tool gadget that can be used for defensive, offensive, and evasive purposes. It has an invisibility effect that will make it difficult to locate. While invisible, the Turrets cannot detect you, so make use of this to kill them efficiently.
  5. Battle Mech: It is a heavily equipped robot and is a support gadget. It has the capacity to deal with 27 damages per second. Thus, it is the most devastating gadget that can be used against weakened enemies. You should use this gadget when your health is low as you will get some extra survival time.
  6. Time Machine: It is a tool gadget that can be used by tapping the Time Machine icon, when it is equipped in the game. By using this gadget, you can go back in time. Make use of this gadget, when you are in an intense duel. It has the shortest cool down among all other gadgets as it just takes 15 seconds to recharge.

Facts about In-Game Currencies and Pixel Gun 3d Hack:

  1. Coins: It is the primary currency of the game that can be used for buying skins, weapons, training pets, some gadgets, and upgrades. The easiest method to obtain Coins is by using Pixel Gun 3d Hack or playing a particular game mode. When you reach new levels in the game, you can earn Coins. You can even find them hidden throughout the various levels.
  2. Gems: It is a premium currency that can be used for purchasing powerful weapons, accessories and gear. You can either buy Gems with real money or obtain them in the game by grinding. The third option is to try using Pixel Gun 3d Hack 2018. Also there are some advertisements available in the game and by watching them you can earn Gems. Logging in the game through Facebook and Twitter will also enable you to earn Gems. If you are in the top 100 players of the weekly tournament in the Adamant League, then you can acquire lots of Gems.
  3. Keys: Keys can be used only for opening Event Chests. You can obtain Keys by winning matches in various modes like Team Fight or Deathmatch. You can even buy Keys with the help of Gems (which can be generated with Pixel Gun 3d Hack).
  4. Tickets: This is the fourth currency of the game. Tickets can be purchased with Gems. The Tickets allow players to join modes that require it. It can be found in the Lucky Chest or can be earned by watching a sponsored ad video in the Ticket Booth. You can even get free Tickets every 4 hours.

To conclude, the Pixel Gun 3D game is an entertaining multiplayer shooting game that will keep you hooked to your screens. So, use the above guide or Pixel Gun 3d hack and enjoy the game!

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