Pixel Gun 3D In-Game Currencies: Earn Them Easily!

Pixel Gun 3D In-Game Currencies: Earn Them Easily!

Pixel Gun 3D In-Game Currencies: Earn Them Easily!

Are you facing difficulties in earning in-game currencies in Pixel Gun 3D? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then you have reached the right place! In this article, we have provided innumerable details on different Pixel Gun 3D Hack In-Game Currencies and Pick-Ups. So, keep reading and try to obtain as many currencies as you can by using our tips and tricks:

  1. CoinsCoins: Coins is the most important currency of the game. They look as yellow colored circle-shaped objects that have black colored circles in the center. Players use Coins for purchasing several useful things in the game. Some of these things are mentioned below:
  • All forms of arms and ammunitions.
  • Hats such as Cape Editor, Ninja Tabi, and Maniac Mask.
  • Various skins for your game character.
  • Numerous league things except for the Golden Secret Forces Rifle.
  • Training pets.
  • Some of the Gadgets.
  • Buildings, decorations, devices, backgrounds, pet houses, and much more.

How To Obtain Coins!

  • Playing a certain game mode is the basic method to earn Coins.
  • As soon as you finish the Campaign world for the first time, you can acquire 16 Coins.
  • If you win a multiplayer match, you will be able to earn Coins.
  • You can procure Coins in each wave in Arena.
  • When you reach new levels in the game, you will be able to earn Coins. Higher levels in the game will let you earn more Coins. For instance, in the first few levels you can earn 20 Coins and in levels higher than 20, you can earn 50 Coins.
  • There are many Coins hidden throughout levels, so keep looking for them.
  • You can even purchase them by spending real money.
  • Another way to procure innumerable Coins is by using Pixel Gun 3d Hack.
  • The Lucky Chest will enable you to obtain some amount of Coins.


  1. Pixel Gun 3d GemsGems: Gems are the premium currency of the game that looks like a shaded blue colored gem. Here are the list of things that you can purchase with Gems:
  • You can purchase various accessories except some particular hats that can be bought with Coins.
  • Innumerable amount of powerful weapons.
  • Lucky Chest, which can provide access to large variety of weapons and items.
  • A single league item i.e. Golden Secret Forces Rifle.
  • Some amazing gadgets.
  • Super Incubator, which can be used to receive 3 pets.
  • Some of the devices, buildings, etc.
  • You can purchase Tickets with Gems.
  • You can use Pixel Gun 3d Hack to get unlimited Gems.



How To Obtain Gems!

  • Certain amount of Gems can be bought through the in-app purchases. However, you can even acquire Gems without buying.
  • Gems can be earned by reaching new levels in the game.
  • The Lucky Chest is the best way to procure Gems.
  • Once you complete certain quests, you can earn them.
  • By logging in social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, you will be able to earn Gems.
  • Watching the advertisements will let you procure them.
  • There are several secret Campaigns available in the game and you can earn Gems there.
  • By using the Driller device, you can earn one gem every day.
  • Some players purchase Gems by spending real world money.
  • Pixel Gun 3d Hack and Pixel Gun 3d Cheats are also an easy way to obtain infinite amount of Gems.

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  1. Tickets: Tickets are premium currency of the game that appears as a ticket with red colored edges and a red circle in the center. It is the only currency that acts as a pre-requisite for a trail in a mode. For joining modes like Minigames, you will require Tickets. For instance, you will need 4 Tickets to join ‘Parkour Challenge’ Minigame and 3 Tickets for joining ‘Extreme Run’ Minigame, etc.

How To Obtain Tickets!

  • Tickets can be purchased with the help of Gems.
  • It can even be found in the Lucky Chest.
  • By watching a sponsored video in the Ticket Booth, you can procure Tickets.
  • In the game, you can earn free Tickets every 4 hours.
  • Another way to acquire them is through the Mailbox device.


  1. Keys: Keys are another kind of in-game currency. They appear like three golden keys with a mini Pixel Gun. All of them are tied with a silver colored chain. Keys can be used only for opening Event Chests.

How To Obtain Keys!

  • When a player earns victories in modes, he can procure Keys. Depending on your place in the winning team, you can earn Keys in each mode. For instance, in ‘Team Fight’, ‘Point Capture’, and ‘Flag Capture’ modes; the player obtaining 1st place earns 5 Keys, 2nd place obtains 4 Keys, and so on. Similar is the case with ‘Deathmatch’ mode; 1st place earns 5 Keys and 2nd place gets 4 Keys and so on. In ‘Block Crash’ and ‘Duel’ modes, the winner earns 2 Keys. However, Keys cannot be earned in ‘Deadly Games’ mode. In ‘Co-op Survival’ mode, the player acquiring 1st place earns 3 Keys whereas the 2nd place earns 2 Keys and so on.
  • Another way to obtain Keys is by spending Gems; the in-game currency.

Other than the aforesaid in-game currencies, you can earn three pick-ups or bonuses too.

  1. Ammo Pick-Up: In the beginning of the game, you will be given a set of ammo in your gun and additional sets as reserve in each gun. However, when the ammo gets over, you need to acquire ammo pick-ups. The ammo pick-ups are available in all levels and game modes. By purchasing them, you are fully loading the innumerable weapons that you have in the game. The melee weapons do not require ammo so you don’t have to buy ammo pick-ups for them.
  2. Health Pick-Up: This pick-up will grant you with a full health meter. Due to the various attacks in the battlefield or self-inflicted damages from own weapons, you tend to lose a lot of Hit Points. In the beginning of the game, you start with 9 Hit Points. Health pick-ups are available in all maps. Each of them restores 9 Hit Points. During a match, the pick-ups can also be purchased for 5 Coins. Each time you re-spawn, your health meter resets. By purchasing the Health pick-ups, you can restore some of your health as your health can also increase as you reach new levels.
  3. Shield Pick-Up or Chestplate Pick-up: The Shield Pick-up can be found in all modes of the game. It is a rare pick-up that commonly appears on the ground in Arena. It can be found on any map and by purchasing armor or its upgrades, you can get additional Shields. After each re-spawn the Shields can reappear. However, the player’s life points will not decrease when being damaged until and unless all armor points are used. The main use of Shield is that if an unarmored character picks up, they can earn single armor point. Once the player possesses an Iron Armor Up1 or lower, all armor will be restored. However, if the player possesses an Iron Armor Up2 or higher, then half of the current armor points will be restored. Moreover, if the player has not lost any armor, then the Shield cannot be used for boosting it.

List Of Items That Can Be Found In Lucky Chest:

Pixel Gun 3d Lucky Chest

  • Golden Friend: It is a primary weapon and a rare prize that is available in the Lucky Chest. It has a high rate of fire and can deal unbelievable damage even for higher leveled players. To maximize damage by this weapon, you should aim for the head. As the weapon has incredible accuracy, you should back off if someone is attacking you with it.
  • Future Rifle: It is a primary weapon that can be obtained from Lucky Chest. It provides good damage, has great rate of fire, low mobility and moderate capacity. For providing utmost damage, try and get a headshot from an enemy with low health meters. It is a great weapon to be used for close to medium range attacks. As it has low mobility, players should also keep a high speed weapon in their hands.
  • Skin: Skin refers to the cosmetic texture on each player. There are more than 125 pre-made skins available in the game. So, if you do not want to make your own skin, then you can purchase them from the Lucky Chest. Once you have bought Skin, you can create infinite amount of different Skins. Most of the Skins are based on characters from popular movies and video games.
  • Candy Baton: It is a melee weapon that can only be obtained from the Lucky Chest. It provides good damage, has high attack rate and high mobility. Due to its mobility feature, you can use it to travel around the map. This weapon can be used to trap targets.

Without the numerous in-game currencies and pickups, you won’t be able to survive in the Pixel Gun 3D game. Moreover, making use of your hard-earned money is also not a feasible solution. So, make use of our guide and acquire innumerable in-game currencies and pick-ups effortlessly for the Pixel Gun 3D game.

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