Pixel Gun 3D Gadgets

Pixel Gun 3D Gadgets

Pixel Gun 3D Gadgets: Utilize Them And Enjoy The Gameplay!


Pixel Gun 3d Gadgets are used to help players in several situations. Listed below are some of the primary sets of gadgets that you can procure in the game:

  • Pixel Gun 3d Nuclear GrenadeNuclear Grenade: It is a throwing gadget that has a black nuclear symbol in the front. When you throw the grenade it takes 5 seconds to explode. As soon as it explodes there is a mushroom cloud formed over a large area due to the explosion. So, throwing it in narrow corridors to kill enemies will be the best way to use the gadget. Also, the radiation that it leaves behind after the explosion will disable the opponents to make an approach. It is a great gadget to be used for killing enemies instantly.
  • Jetpack: With this gadget, the players can fly around anywhere in the map. So, if you want to reach high areas quickly, then you should make use of this gadget. Moreover, it is the fastest method to move around in the map. Players usually use the gadget to capture flags in ‘Flag Capture’ mode. While the opponents may face trouble in collecting the flags or killing you, you will be able to easily fly around and collect all flags with the help of this gadget.
  • Demon StoneDemon Stone: It is a kind of support gadget that can be used for causing massive damage. As soon as you activate the gadget, your game character will be transformed into a red demon. This transformation will provide extra health and ability to fly. It can deal with 25 damages every second, so it is one of the most devastating gadgets that can be used against weakened enemies. You can aim anywhere you want and not at the head of the enemy. However, due to its limited range, you should use it in close quarters. This gadget can be used to escape intense situations or when your health meters are low. It can even be used in ‘Flag Capture’ mode for capturing flags by flying from one base to another.
  • Dragon Whistle: The Dragon Whistle is a throwing gadget that looks like a shining golden dragon head. When you start using this gadget, a bright red dragon will fly in a straight line in front of you. As soon as it comes in contact with the enemy, it will cause damage because it gives a burning effect. Players usually make use of this gadget when the enemies are in one line as its range is horizontal. If you have slightly damaged the enemy before sending the dragon, then there are chances of the enemy getting killed. Thus, a dragon kill will let you earn more points as compared to headshots. It can even travel through walls so is the perfect gadget to be used for catching enemies hiding behind walls.
  • Disabler: It is a tools gadget that has the capacity to disable the enemy’s gadgets for 8 seconds, even though the gadget does not have a cool down. Players usually use this tool for disabling all gadgets of the opponent in ‘Duel’ mode. You can also make use of this gadget at situations when opponents are using overpowered gadgets or making an overuse of their gadget. Before the enemy has revived itself by using the ‘Resurrection’ gadget, you should kill them by using the Disabler. However, you need to use the gadget quickly so that it prevents the enemy from resurrecting themselves.
  • Fake Bonus: It is a Throwing gadget that looks like a dropped Gem. So, you can use it as a fake Gem bonus. It is a great gadget to trap the enemies by tricking them. However, when you are using the gadget, do not throw it in front of the player as it will clearly look like a fake Gem. As soon as the enemy comes in contact with the fake Gem, it blows up and the enemy is killed. So, you should throw the gadget at a spot where there are lots of enemies. Moreover, to mislead the enemies, you should drop it at your feet while losing health. This will make the enemies think that you actually dropped a real Gem. You can even use the gadget at a time when enemies are not looking at you. As we mentioned gems, you can actuallt generate real Gems with Pixel Gun 3d Cheats.
  • Box of PandoraBox Of Pandora: It is a tools gadget, which is a brownish colored box with small engravings carved on it. Whenever you use it, the box opens and a yellow or red light will be revealed. This light will determine the fate of other players. Red color denotes that you take damage whereas Yellow color denotes that enemies take damage. The chance of either outcome is 50-50. You should make use of this gadget when you know that some of the enemies have low health as causing little damage to all enemies is not worth it. You should never use the gadget if your health is low as the chances of getting a Red color light gets higher and you will end up killing yourself.
  • Singular Grenade: It is a throwing gadget that can pull the enemies into a black hole for a short amount of time. Thus, it becomes easier to kill them. The best way to use the gadget is by throwing it in the middle of a large group of enemy. Then, make use of a Ghost Lantern or a Fireball Spell weapons to cause heavy damage. You can even make use of it by throwing in midair so that the enemies do not escape from rocket jumping. It can even be used to counter resurrecting enemies as the pull will make them vulnerable and they will get busy when they get back their life.
  • Flag Grenade: It is throwing gadget that appears like a small, green colored bomb. It has the capability to blow the enemy apart to little pieces. As it cannot reach far places, you should make use of it in close or medium range. Its best to be used when there are multiple enemies in one place. However, you need to upgrade the gadget when you reach new Level in the game, so keep that in mind. The grenade should be used by aiming at the enemy’s feet for causing high damage.
  • Energy Shield: It is a support gadget that has good health, long cooldown and good duration. You should use this gadget on the main entrance so that you can survive for few more seconds. While you are behind the Energy Shield, you can make use of Wall Break weapons and kill enemies. If you come across an Energy Shield, then counter it by using highly efficient weapons.
  • Medical Station: It is a support gadget that can be used to heal allied targets within its fixed radius. So, make use of this gadget to heal your teammates or pet. However, do not make use of it when you need to recover your armor as it will not work. It is a best tool to heal your physical health and not any machinery. If you come across a Medical Station then aim it directly by using a heavy weapon.
  • Black Mark: It is a throwing gadget that looks like a black and white colored coin. By throwing it on the enemy, the victim will get a black mark effect. A black mark icon will appear on top of a player if it is black-marked. By killing a black marked player, you can gain an extra 100 points. The best way to use this gadget is by throwing on the enemy and then killing it. As soon as you come across a black-marked player, kill it instantly. If someone marks you with a black-mark then try to get killed by a player with a low score. Alternatively, you can try to stay alive until the black mark expires.
  • Pixel Gun 3d TurretTurret: It is a gadget that can be placed in a central area where enemies usually navigate. This will help in killing large numbers of enemies in one go. If you are placing the Turret near enemy’s spawn, then you can earn lots of points by killing them as soon as they spawn. However, do not position the gadget on an intense situation as you will get easily killed. This is because the installation process takes 2 seconds and you have to wait at the time of installation.
  • Firework: It is a throwing gadget that shoots the enemy to the sky and explodes. As it is a contact detonator, you need to use wall break weapons while shooting it. You can throw it at an enemy spawn so that they fly away. Also, when the enemy is holding a weapon like Ghost Lantern, you can use the Firework on them. It is best to use the gadget directly on the enemy as it does not stay for very long.

Other than the aforesaid gadgets, there are many more tools that you can acquire in the game. If you are finding difficulties in acquiring them then make use of the Pixel Gun 3d Hack. All these gadgets have their strengths and weaknesses, so research on them and enjoy the Pixel Gun 3D game.

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