Pixel Gun 3D Weapons

Pixel Gun 3D Weapons

Pixel Gun 3D Weapons: Use Them And Stay Safe!

Pixel Gun 3d Weapons

There are innumerable weapons available in Pixel Gun 3D; however, most of the players are not aware of the features and methods of using these weapons. Moreover, earning them is tough too, so it is advisable to make use of Pixel Gun 3d Hack  for acquiring them.

To gain more information on various powerful weapons of Pixel Gun 3D, here is a detailed post:

  1. Automatic Weapons: Some of the examples of automatic weapons that are available in the game are:Automatic Peacemaker
  • Automatic Peacemaker: It is a gun that has tremendous fire rate and capacity. The automatic peacemaker is a primary weapon in the game and can be used in any situations. It shoots very fast and is an excellent weapon for pinning players down in the battles.
  • Fast Death UP2: Formerly known as Crystal Fast Death, it is a backup weapon. This pistol provides medium damage, high rate of fire, high mobility and average capacity. The weapon can kill several enemies quickly; thus, making it perfect for survival mode. To maximize damage by the weapon, you should aim for the head.
  1. Guns That Shoot Lasers: Here are the three fire beams that you can procure in the game:LaserGun
  • Dragon Breath: It is a heavy weapon that looks like a tuning fork. This laser weapon has lot of mobility and capacity, so you can use it for all situations. To maximize damage caused by the weapon, you should aim for the head of enemies. It is an accurate weapon to be used for long ranges. The ammo of the weapon drains off quickly, so use it carefully while attacking groups of enemies.
  • Freeze Ray Rifle: It is a special weapon that has high rate of fire, good damage, average mobility and moderate capacity. Ensure that you keep a track of the ammo in the rifle, because it drains off quickly. The weapon works perfectly well for close to medium ranged maps.
  • Solar Ray Rifle: It is a special weapon with good rate of fire, fine lethality, good mobility and satisfactory capacity. While using this weapon, keep some ammo handy as the ammo on this rifle goes down very quickly. Fire the weapon only when you are aiming at an enemy otherwise you will end up wasting ammo and will run out of it.
  1. Shotguns: Players usually use the Shotguns as their last resort. Listed below are some types of Shotguns that you can obtain in the game:
  • Simple Shotgun: It is a primary weapon that can be procured at the start of the game. You can use it in all modes and it has a decent rate of mobility and fire. The simple shotgun deals with low amount of damage. You should use this weapon for close range combat on those players who have lower level and weak armor.
  • Double Barreled Shotgun: It is a primary weapon that has extremely low damage, good mobility, average fire rate and low capacity. You should use the weapon at close range so that the damage caused is maximal. It has very low ammo capacity, so you should keep some ammo handy and time your shots accurately.
  • Predator: It is a primary weapon that can deal with heavy damage at close ranges and light damage at long ranges. It is best to be used for lone targets. The weapon has slow firing speed so it should not be used at long ranges as you will be vulnerable to counterattacks. You should use it against heavily armored players.
  • Photon Shotgun: It is a primary weapon that has good damage, low capacity, average mobility and medium rate of fire. If you want to deal with a group of enemies who are heavily armored then this will be the best weapon to use. However, make sure that you use in close range and on point blank. It can do burning damage on the enemy so you should use it for killing wounded or injured enemies. Avoid using the weapon for long ranges.
  1. Snipers: Pixel Gun 3d SniperThe snipers are rifles that can be used in long ranges. Most players prefer using them in head-to-head combat. They are commonly used weapons and if you come across them then try to move to your left and right. This will make them difficult to aim as they have a small cross-hair. Once they have missed the aim you can counter attack them with your machine guns. Some types of Snipers are Anti-Hero Rifle and Prototype.
  2. Area Damage Weapons: Most of the players use these guns for head-on-head combat. This is because the projectiles are very huge. These weapons do not aim well at long ranges, so if you come across them then just step away and hide somewhere. However, you need to be careful of their fire rate and large projectiles. The Missile Thrower and Anti-Gravity Blaster are some examples of Area Damage Weapons.
  3. Guided Weapons: There are only two types of Guided Weapons in the game – Stinger and Smart Bullet Bazooka. Both these weapons are extremely dangerous as they can turn around and shoot in case they miss the target at the first time. If you come across these missiles, just fly away. If you run to a nearby place, you will still take damage. So, it’s advisable to fly far away as the missile will explode after a fixed time. Moreover, you can even Rocket jump away from the missile to avoid explosions and save yourself from the enemies.

Other than the aforesaid weapons, there are hundreds of other weapons available in the game. Here is the list of some Special Weapons that you could acquire by using Pixel Gun 3d Hack and Pixel Gun 3d Cheats.

Special Pixel Gun 3d Weapons:

  1. Acid Cannon: It is a bulky appearing gun that causes high damage, has moderate mobility, average capacity, and high rate of fire. Players should use this weapon against large groups of enemies. You can damage several players with a single rocket, so make use of this amazing feature in your game. Once you reach Level 11, the weapon ingrains a poison feature. This feature enables you to use lesser weapons as the enemy can die of poison.
  2. Alligator: This Special weapon provides moderate fire rate, average capacity, good lethality and average mobility. While using this weapon, you need not aim on the head. Just by aiming on the enemies will be sufficient to kill them. It is advisable to make use of this weapon in medium range. Alligator does not have a good fire rate and it requires three shots to kill an enemy. So, the best way to use it is by quick-swapping i.e. triggering then switching to another weapon and back to this weapon to fire again.
  3. Barrier Rifle: This special weapon has good rate of fire, average mobility, medium capacity, and moderate damage. The rifle cannot destroy automatic bullets, so keep that in mind. However, it is a perfect weapon to destroy other projectiles. Players usually use it for crowd control as it has piercing shots.
  4. Dracula: It is the best weapon to use when your game character’s health is low. The gun has the capacity to take a portion of the enemy’s health and give it to you. Players can use it at close to medium range because it does not have a scope. If you come across a Dracula, stay as far as possible from its attack as it will steal a portion of your life. Just keep running fast so that the enemy is unable to shoot you.
  5. Electromagnetic Cannon: This special weapon has slow fire rate, low mobility, good lethality, and average capacity. As it does not have an instant bullet travel time, it is advisable to use it in close to medium range. The mobility of the weapon is low so make use of some better weapons while running. The Electromagnetic Cannon is best to be used when other players are using gadgets.
  6. Heavy Machine Gun: Heavy Machine GunThis amazing weapon has quick firing rate, good damage, low mobility, and high capacity. It is best to be used in close to medium range as it does not have a scope. Reloading the gun takes time, so you need to use a different weapon for quick firing. To kill the enemy faster and to save ammo, you should aim for the head.
  7. Heavy Shocker: It is a special weapon that has very high rate of fire, medium mobility, decent capacity, and high damage. To maximize the damage caused on the enemy, you should aim for the head. This weapon should be used in close to medium range. It’s better to use it for weakened players or those who have weak weapons.
  8. Pet Dragon: This weapon provides high rate of fire, moderate mobility, average capacity, and normal damage. It can be used only on very close ranges and on enemies who have weakened health meter. The weapon provides a burning feature, so after being attacked; the enemy can get damaged overtime.

So, select the right weapon for your battles and enjoy the Pixel Gun 3D game.

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