Some Amazing Pixel Gun 3D Tips And Tricks!

Some Amazing Pixel Gun 3D Tips And Tricks!

Some Amazing Pixel Gun 3D Tips And Tricks!

Pixel Gun 3d Tips and Tricks 2017

Pixel Gun 3D is an engrossing first person shooter game where players take control of a character that has to survive against innumerable zombies and monsters. In this game, players can access various kinds of weapons in order to shoot monsters and zombies. The game is an interesting one, but most of the players are unable to achieve success in it. They get stuck up at various levels and are unable to move forward. If you too are facing such a situation in Pixel Gun 3D, then don’t worry.

In this article, we have discussed some of the amazing Pixel Gun 3D Tips and Tricks. These simple yet effective tips will help you to win the battles against zombies and monsters effortlessly. So, keep reading till the end!

  • Focus on the gun fire instead of firing widely on the enemies. By focusing on each of their heads, you will be able to kill many zombies.
  • Each map in the game has a fixed layout. So, every time you enter them, they will remain the same. Keep in mind the various locations to hide, so that it becomes easier for you to spot the enemies and shoot them.
  • Always keep moving in the game. By running and jumping, you are reducing the risk of getting killed. So, the mantra to achieve success in the game is to keep running and keep shooting.
  • There are different sizes of zombies in the game. Some will be very small crawling zombie heads that can chew your knees. Try to aim towards ground level, so that you can hit anything that moves.
  • You can earn Coins at the training phase too, so once you are done killing all zombies in the training stage, collect the Coin that is behind the wall.
  • Whenever you get some chance to breathe in the game, reload the guns. All weapons in the game do not reload automatically, so reloading them is important. Moreover, if you are running low on ammo then reload as soon as possible by tapping the manual reload icon.
  • There are several maps in the game. You should always start with the bigger maps so that you get familiarized with enemy behaviors and various tactics that can be used in the game.
  • The easiest way to earn Coins and XP is by completing various stages in the game. Or the other way is by using PG3D hack. So, keep playing and keep earning!
  • ArenaA trick to earn loads of in-game currency is by starting the game and going to the Arena. Take the Premium explosive and powerful weapon. Then, keep running in circles and when you see several zombies, start killing them. Shoot all of them and earn loads of money.
  • By using the ‘hide and shoot’ tactics, you will be able to reach new levels quickly.
  • When you are getting surrounded by enemies, try to climb onto or jump down a roof of a house or a bus. This will make it hard for the enemies to kill you.
  • Sharing your results on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter will let you earn free Coins. Other easy way is to try Pixel Gun 3d Cheats
  • A cheating trick in the game is that you can create a new world in co-op play mode. Do not let anyone else know about it by setting a password. This will help you to earn loads of in-game currency.
  • To earn innumerable amount of Coins, play 50 kill Deathmatch. However, ensure that you have lots of ammo to kill the enemies.
  • In Survival mode, create a world for two players in the Utopia Map. Spend a minute waiting by climbing on the roof of the house. After a minute, start shooting and killing the zombies. This will help you to earn 3 Coins and 20 points of Experience.
  • Wear the Hermes Boots while Rocket Jumping as they will help you to jump higher. Thus, there will be low chances of you getting hit by the explosion.
  • If you are trying to reach a place quickly and have a weapon with low mobility rating, then it’s better to switch to a secondary weapon to move faster.
  • In multiplayer matches, the Anti-Gravity Blaster can be your friend and foe so be careful.
  • If you get the highest score, then you can earn the best XP from ‘Time Survival.’
  • Crystal Mega DestroyerThe Crystal Mega Destroyer is a powerful shotgun with 11 bullet mag and a 2-shot kill.
  • If you contribute more than half of your team’s score and win in the ‘Team Battle’ and ‘Flag Capture,’ you can acquire 5 Coins and 25 XP. Moreover, if you win consistently, then it’s a great way to earn XP.
  • If you want to shoot through thin obstacles, then use the Chain Thunderbolt weapon.
  • When you have acquired a fast firing rate weapon, then keep chasing enemies and kill them.
  • After you shoot an enemy, quickly find for cover as the opponent may spot you because of the laser beam.
  • Voodoo Snowman is a must for duel as they can guarantee two kills.
  • When you are head-on with the enemy, blast yourself up into the air. This will provide some extra time for you to think and attack while airborne. It is a great trick to escape from spawn campers.
  • When sniping, it is important to switch from one place to another after killing someone as the kill cam can easily spot you.
  • The only way to win in Deathmatch is by scoring more and not by killing more enemies.
  • It is extremely important to know which weapon is right for you. For instance, if you are good in close range combat then procure a Flamethrower. Medium range players should procure a gun that has good range. Those who like surprising others should use lethality.
  • Use the right weapon at the right time. By using any weapon, you are reducing your chances of winning the matches. For instance, if you are head on with the enemy, make use of a single shot weapon that has high lethality so that the chances of killing the enemy are high. An automatic weapon with medium lethality can also be used.
  • In enemy grounds, you should kill the enemy before they notice you. So, make use of a high lethality weapon. Ensure that you do not use an automatic weapon as this will give the enemy enough time to react.
  • When you are in your home territory, you can make use of any weapon in which you are good at, as you are going to re-spawn there and take revenge.
  • If your health meter is low, make use of an area damage weapon to hurt the enemy. This will let you die without your death counting against you or your team.
  • When you are hiding behind an object and have low health, then make use of a jetpack to fly away.
  • In case you are having difficulty in completing the daily missions, then a simple trick is to make a server only for two people. Ask the player if both of you could help each other in completing the daily missions. Ensure that you keep this account private.
  • When you notice an enemy shifting, you should too make your game character shift in the same direction. This will enhance your chances of hitting and killing the enemy.
  • Private servers are great way to practice the game with friends, get rid of irritating spammers, or just to make friends. However, keep in mind that these servers will not let you earn in-game currency or experience points.
  • Study the map well so that you can predict where the enemy might be. This will help you to kill the enemies quickly.
  • Try to kill the enemy at headshot as it will maximize damage and conserve ammo.
  • Distracting the enemy is a great way to get lot of kills. For instance, if you want to distract a particular enemy, then just drop a message on the chat with his name. Then, quickly rush back to the game and kill them before they can reply to your message.
  • You can predict the enemy with the sounds that you hear in the game so stay alert.
  • When you notice the enemy jumping all over the place, make use of an Area Damage weapon.
  • GrenadesThe best way to kill enemies who are in tight spaces or small rooms is by throwing grenades. Moreover, grenades can also be used to remove the enemy from an area. However, that will only be possible if the enemy notices it.
  • To navigate the map much faster, you should make use of melee weapons. It will also help you to become a harder target to gunners and snipers.

Interesting tips and tricks, isn’t it? So, make use of our Pixel Gun 3D Tips and Tricks guide and have a wonderful journey in the world of Pixel Gun 3D. If you get stuck up at a tough level of the game then you can even make use of the Pixel Gun 3d Hack. Enjoy the game and happy playing!

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